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Are intended to treat bacterial and fungal vaginal infections and inflammations
Sales price: $17.69
Digestive enzymes, assist in cases of abdominal swelling and flatulence
Sales price: $62.19
Is used as local anesthetic , effective in cosmetic and medical invasive treatments
Sales price: $46.99
An anticoagulant which assists in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular thrombotic...
Sales price: $10.50
Treats acute diarrhea
Sales price: $12.99
Treats dryness and discomfort in the eye. Preservative-free
Sales price: $30.40
Treats allergic rhinitis and symptoms of allergy on the skin
Sales price: $19.35
Treatment of urticaria and allergic rhinitis
Sales price: $17.97
Treats dandruff , seborrheic dermatitis and dermatomycosis
Sales price: $16.58
Stimulates recovery of the nail after damage caused by conditions like fungus, psoriasis, etc
Sales price: $63.57
Antihistamine medicine for treatment of various allergic conditions
Sales price: $18.80
Helps in conditions of anxiety, agitation and sleeplessness
Sales price: $18.52
Sales price: $26.26
Yomi Multivitamin Plus For Kids
Sales price: $41.46
Concentrated probiotic capsules
Sales price: $60.81
Nurofen liquid capsules suitable for the treatment of moderate to strong pain like tooth aches,...
Sales price: $23.49
Agisten Aloe Vera cream treats fungal infections accompanied by redness and a sense of itching and...
Sales price: $14.10
Daktarin cream treats external fungal skin infections
Sales price: $14.65
Sales price: $15.20
Sales price: $16.58
Intended for relief of mild to moderate pain , such as toothaches, headaches, backaches, menstrual...
Sales price: $17.69
Otrivin Complete nasal spray has dual treatment - rapidly relieves nasal congestion and reduces...
Sales price: $16.58
elmex sensitive - Protects against sensitive teeth and dentine caries
Sales price: $8.29
Dexamol Cold intended for the relief of symptoms accompanied flu and common cold such as cough,...
Sales price: $19.35
Dexamol Sinus intended for the symptomatic relief of cold and nasal congestion accompanied by fever...
Sales price: $19.35
A combined medicine by Teva industries to treat symptoms of colds and flu such as fever, pain,...
Sales price: $19.35
Prostamed Forte capsules are intended for the treatment of benign enlargement of the prostate gland...
Sales price: $85.68
Chizucit Hadas Strawberry-flavored jelly candies contains natural ingredients that help to...
Sales price: $29.02
Chizucit Hadas chocolate tablets contains natural ingredients that help to strengthen the natural...
Sales price: $19.35
Purpose of formula Arth-3-Plex - the regeneration of cartilage tissue, easing inflammation in the...
Sales price: $40.08

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