Traumeel Heel

Homeopathic massage ointment to relive pain and inflammation
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What is Traumeel?

Traumeel ointment is a natural , safe and effective alternative, during inflammations and pain.

Therapeutic advantages of Traumeel ointment

  • Advanced formula that combines14 homeopathic preparations and minerals with a wide-ranging clinical impact
  • Proven effectivenessin many clinical studies
  • Immediate results
  • Is safe for useand
  • Is safe for use in children, infants, pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Has no typical smell that characterizes chemical against muscular pain
  • Traumeel manufactured by Heel , a world leader company in homeopathy

For whom Traumeel ointment is intended?

  • For those who suffer from many and various conditions inflammation and pain ( chronic as well )
  • For those who are suffering from pain resulting from trauma
  • For those who engagedin sports activitiesand suffer from stretching, sprains, stitches, hairline fractures
  • For those who suffer from internal hemorrhages as a result


Rub problematic area 2-3 times a day
To increase efficiency in acute conditions - apply a layer of ointment and wrap the area with nylon to enhance absorption.


Arnica Montana                                  D3

Calendula officinalis                          D2

Hamamelis virginiana                        D2

Echinacea angutifolia                         D3

Echinacea purpurea                            D3

Chamomilla recutita                           D3

Achillea millefolium                          D3

Symphytum officinal                          D4

Bellis perennis                                    D3

Hypericum performatum                    D6

Aconitum napellus                              D1

Atropa belladonna                              D1

Mercurius solbilis Hahnemannni        D6

Hepar sulfuris                                  D6


The informationheredoes notconstitute a recommendation orindication formedical treatment

Please do not consider this information as an alternative to consulting your physician or pharmacist.

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