Ichtamol ointment

Intended for disinfecting skin diseases
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Active Ingredients

Composition and concentration of the active ingredient:

Ichtamol ( Ichthyol ) 10% W/W


Therapeutic group:

Antiseptics and disinfectants.

Ichtamol ointment is intended for disinfecting skin diseases.


Do not swallow! This medicine is intended for external use on the skin only.

The usual standard dosage is:

Apply to the affected area 2-3 times a day or according to the doctor's instructions.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Ichtamol's ointment color is black.

The medicine can be used for up to 6 months after opening the package for the first time, and no later than the expiry date.


Do not use Ichtamol ointment if you are sensitive (allergic) to the active ingredient or to any of the other ingredients contained in this medicine.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use this medicine without consulting a doctor before starting treatment.

Do not use this medicine often or for prolonged periods of time without consulting a doctor

Avoid contact with the eyes.

If you are taking another drug concomitantly or if you have just finished treatment with another medicine, inform the attending doctor in order to prevent hazards or lack of efficacy arising from drug interactions.


Please do not consider this information as an alternative to consulting your physician or pharmacist.

For further information on instructions for use, risks and side effects, please read the patient package insert and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Read the patient package insert carefully before starting to take any medication.

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