Otrimer Nasal Spray

Nasal spray of sea water for relief of nasal congestion during colds and allergy
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The nose plays a crucial role in warming and humidifying the breathed air and in filtering air from small particles, providing protection of the lower respiratory ways from dust, irritation and dryness. Infants, children and adults often suffer from respiratory problems due to an accumulation of mucus, crusts and dryness of the nasal mucosa. Moreover, in infants abundant

mucus production is very frequent: nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, but also coughing and vomiting are the most common signs. In these situations child has difficulty breathing, is irritable and agitated and has problems to eat and sleep. Moreover, if the problem is neglected, more serious complications such as sinusitis and otitis may arise.

Therefore, nasal washing with seawater could be used to free the nasal cavities from excessive mucus and to clean and moisturize the nasal mucosa, allowing the nose to properly play all its functions.

What Otrimer is and what it is used for

Otrimer is a gentle nasal spray of physiological natural sea water solution preservative free and

naturally rich of sea microelements.

The nasal moisturizer spray is designed to produce a gentle spray with fine microdrops which facilitates the moisturizing of the nasal cavities.

Therefore, Otrimer is recommended for:

  • washing away the excess mucus produced during colds and allergic conditions.
  • cleaning nasal cavities to help eliminate polluting particles such as dust, air pollutants.
  • moistening the nasal cavities when dry or irritated due to low humidity (e.g. due to heated/air-conditioned rooms, high altitude, air travelling) or in case of other minor nasal irritations.

The nasal solution is suitable for daily nasal cleaning of children and particularly babies who are not yet able to blow their nose. Indeed, the daily nasal cleaning helps to remove mucus excess and nasal secretions which may alter babies' life (bad sleep, difficulty to eat) and therefore it helps them to breathe and feel better again.


Sea water and purified water. Nitrogen is added as an inert propellant gas in the pressurized device and not in contact with the product.

Before you use Otrimer

Do not use the product in case of known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Do not use a damaged or broken spray.

How to use Otrimer

Blow the nose if necessary.

Remove the protective cap of the spray.

Spray according to the recommendations. The spray head is designed for children to fit the natural shape of the nostrils to avoid any injuries.

Spray into the other nostril.

After use, clean and dry the nozzle and put the protective cap back on.

Do not sterilize the nozzle in the microwave.

For hygienic reasons in order to avoid infections, the spray should only be used by one person.

The product is suitable for infants (above 3 months), children and adults.

The usual frequency of use is 1-2 times per day. If necessary, the product can be used as often as needed and in any position.

Due to its cleansing properties, it is recommended to use Otrimer before using another local nasal product (e.g. for cold or allergic rhinitis).

Otrimer may be used during pregnancy and when breast-feeding.


Please do not consider this information as an alternative to consulting your physician or pharmacist.

For further information on instructions for use, risks and side effects, please read the patient package insert and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Read the patient package insert carefully before starting to take any medication.

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